About Us

Who is Newspoll?

We help you to act with confidence 


You probably know that Newspoll is Australia’s leading public opinion polling company . Established in 1985, we have Australia’s best track record having estimated the outcomes of every state and federal election since our company was founded. Our success arises from the best sampling and design, attention to detail and a genuine culture of taking care at every level.

You may not know that we assist over 250 individual clients every year with a variety of marketing, research and strategic projects.

We offer a broad and growing range of qualitative and quantitative research to power engagement, marketing, communications and strategy for government and business operating in Australia.


Newspoll offers:

Experts in psychology, survey methods & statistics and behavioral economics;

A broad range of solutions to business problems;

A range of methodologies – and the ability to recommend what’s right for you;

An account director manages every project

Client service offices in Sydney, Melbourne & Canberra;

Network of associate companies in Australia & around the world;

State of the art CATI facility at our Sydney head office;

Access to a large research-only online panel;

ISO 20252 accredited;

AMSRO Member.

We value intelligence, quality and consistency and express these through our work for you.