Proven Accuracy

Proven Accuracy

The best record of any Australian Market Research Company in Election Surveys

Public opinion polling is a highly challenging and technical type of research – and unlike most research, it has the real world election results against which its accuracy can be checked (see below our results from the most recent elections). Since 1985 Newspoll has conducted regular public opinion polls looking at a variety of social topics, as well as voting intentions and perceptions of Australia’s political leaders. In every instance, 59 state and federal elections to date, Newspoll has called it correctly.

At Newspoll, we care passionately about getting it right! 


Newspoll’s extreme attention to methodological detail has delivered a superb track record of results – since our inception in 1985, our polling has correctly predicted all state and federal elections, and to an unparalleled level of accuracy. If ever there was proof that the techniques of market and social research can deliver highly accurate measures of the community – this is it.