What makes Newspoll different?

What makes Newspoll different?

Eight things that make Newspoll a better choice


1. The first thing you will notice about Newspoll is that we care passionately about doing the best work. Our culture and management are aligned to this goal and we provide the environment required to generate optimal outcomes for our clients. This care is why we have been successful as a public opinion polling company and every client gets the same level of care and attention for their projects

2. Leadership committed to you: Every project, small or large is managed by an account director - a highly experienced, senior leader in our business to give consistent contact and real knowledge.

3. Wide experience in business and life: Our people know business, not just research, so we can advise as well as provide research.

4. Every project ‘custom engineered’: We design and report to meet your needs – Newspoll has no vested interest in any one method or proprietary technology so we can offer what’s best for the client.

5. The best questionnaires in the business:  Thorough reviews conducted and real care taken at every stage of your questionnaire design.

6. The best survey designs and techniques: That’s how we have correctly estimated every state and federal election since 1985

7. Trust and credibility: The Newspoll reputation supports the credibility of your recommendations and all interviewers are based in Australia.

8. Stability: Newspoll has operated under consistent ownership and control since foundation in 1985. Newspoll has a very low staff turn over