Newspoll Government & Social was established in 2007 to marry Newspoll research expertise and quality to the needs of Government and public sector clients.

There are lots of technical similarities between commercial and social research – but there are important nuances and subtleties of public sector work. The combination of consultants with extensive public sector experience and the underlying quality of Newspoll data delivers a service ideally suited to Government decision makers. A core group of senior consultants lead the Newspoll Government & Social team, drawing on all of the resources and skills that Newspoll is known for.


We offer:

Customised solutions : Ability to provide a customised total research solution from design to delivery including qualitative, sophisticated quantitative approaches, analysis, reporting and follow up.

Australia’s only weekly telephone Omnibus Survey of 1,200 adults every week – the source of our Public Opinion data

Intellectual capability : High level analysis and thinking, problem solving, advice and interpretation delivered by researchers with 15+ years of social and government research experience;

To a full array of clients : Newspoll Government and Social works with some of the largest Federal Government Agencies, but also with State Government Agencies and other public sector organisations. Our clients include:

Australian Broadcasting Commission \ Australian Communications and Media Authority \ Australian Taxation Office \ Australian Sports Commission \ Child Support Agency \ Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy\ Department of Defence \ Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs \ Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade\ Department of Human Services \ Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government \ Food Standards Australia New Zealand \ National Museum of Australia


Newspoll Government and Social in Action (some examples)

Digital Tracker – Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

The old analog TV signal will be turned off progressively from 2010 to 2013. The purpose of this research is to provide continuous high quality data to the Digital Switchover Taskforce to aid in a smooth transition to digital TV for all Australians. The project involves a telephone survey of 10,000 households per quarterly reporting cycle (from 2009 to 2013) across 33 switchover regions that vary markedly in population size and in switchover date.

CyberSafety – Australian Communications and Media Authority

Young people increasingly live in an online world, but with those opportunities and advantages do also come a new set of risks and dangers. This online survey of 1,500 children aged 8-17 and their parents aimed to uncover the ways children operate online, and what they are experiencing – both good and bad; allowing ACMA to develop strategies to reduce risks and harm to young people.

ADF Cadets – Department Defence

Cadets is the mechanism to deliver the ADF’s youth development role. This research used a combination of the regular national Omnibus to get overall baseline data; and then a semi-deliberative two-stage survey to explore the community’s in depth views on youth development in general, and Cadets in particular.

ADF Reserves – Department Defence

The ADF Reserves are a critical part of the overall capacity of the ADF, which is recognised in the current strategic plan. This research draws on the consistent and cost-effective weekly Newspoll Omnibus to track awareness, understanding and support for the Reserves on a quarterly basis.

Sector Partner Research – Australian Sports Commission

As part of the National Sport and Active Recreation Policy Framework the ASC sought baseline feedback from partner organisations. CEOs (and equivalents) from funded sport associations, peak bodies, state and territory departments and institutes of sport participated in semi-structured interviews with Newspoll researchers, with more than 95% of eligible organisations participating in both the 2011 and 2012 editions of this project.

General Compliance Cost Model – Australian Taxation Office

To allow the ATO to update and refine its General Compliance Cost Model, Newspoll completed two phone surveys (of 3,000 and 800 taxpayers respectively, stratified by segments and tax type) and a series of 1-hour in-depth qualitative interviews to explore and validate the survey data.

Evaluation of the Active After School Care Program (AASC) – Australian Sports Commission

There are many demonstrated benefits – social, health and economic – of an active society. The AASC is a national initiative to give primary school-aged children access to free sport and other structured physical activity programs in the hours directly after school. This three-year longitudinal evaluation involved research with thousands of school children, parents, teachers, stakeholders and AASC program staff over several years to allow the ASC to assess the efficiency of the program, and to understand how it has increased activity amongst children.



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