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Wide Angle Vol 1: Government and Social Media

    Australian Government Agencies have increasingly seen social media as an attractive channel to talk to the community – but what do USERS of social media think about Government being on the same platforms that they are? In a nutshell, opinions are mixed.       Click her...Read story »

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Newspoll does it again at the 2013 WA Election

Newspoll has done it again, correctly predicting the outcome of the Western Australia State Election that was held on the 9th of March. This takes our perfect record in calling state and federal election outcomes to 56 out of 56. With the vote count almost finalised in Western Au...Read story »

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1.2M Australians could be planning a ski trip in 2013

8% of adult Australians aged 18-64 are planning a ski trip in 2013. This percentage (8%) represents about 1.1 to 1.2M potential adult visitors   4% are planning to go skiing in Australia only 2% are planning to go skiing overseas and not in Australia 2% are planning a ski trip i...Read story »

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What Australians aged 18-64 plan to do in 2013

In 2013, a third of adult Australians aged 18 to 64 are going to start looking for a new job. The same proportion is planning a trip overseas In 2013, 17% are thinking of renovating their place and 9 % are planning to buy a new home. Some ’classic’ new year’s resolutions ...Read story »