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Optimism for future economy near record lows

The last wave of the Allianz Future Optimism Index in 2012, conducted by Newspoll, saw Australian’s optimism about the future of the economy fall back near record lows, following a short-lived mid-year rebound. The Newspoll survey asks Australians to rate how optimistic they fe...Read story »

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1 in 3 to save time & money online this Christmas

A recent Newspoll survey, conducted in October 2012, shows that over one–third (37%) of Australians intend to purchase Christmas presents online this year. Tech-savy Generation ‘Y’ is leading the online shopping revolution with more than half (51%) of those aged 18-34 inten...Read story »

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Do Australians like the place where they live?

Older Australians (55-64) are more positive about where they live than younger adults. In a recent Newspoll online survey of people aged 18-64 – the oldest group were by far the most positive about the city, town or region where they live: 81% of those aged 55-64 gave ‘Their ...Read story »

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Australians support charities

Almost 95% of adult Australians have supported a charity  in the last 12 months. A recent Newspoll survey, conducted in July 2012, revealed that 94% have supported some type of charity in the last 12 months. The survey showed that we tend to support: • charities that help peop...Read story »