NBN - High Awareness, Low Familiarity

by Frederic Anne


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Almost 9 in 10 Australians aged 18+ had heard of the National Broadband Network, however only a small proportion (15%) are familiar with the NBN and know a lot about it.


The June 2012 Newspoll survey shows that Australian customers are a bit confused when asked about the impact of the NBN:

• 38% of those aware of the NBN think that it will cost them more when they ‘switch’ to the NBN'

• But just as many (45%) think that NBN will cost them the same or less than what they are currently paying for their internet and telephone services.

Amid this confusion, the big challenge that incumbents and challengers alike will face is loyalty. Will customers stay with their current internet provider? What are the acquisition opportunities? How will providers develop retention strategies or compelling offers as they jockey for position in each area that becomes NBN ready?

In this survey, two thirds of internet and landlines customers don’t know if their current provider(s) will offer them an NBN plan or solution when NBN becomes available in their area. Interestingly, not all telecommunication providers are at the same level, suggesting that some have already started to communicate to at least part of their customer base.

At Newspoll, we think that the future for telecommunications providers in the NBN world is going to be about differentiation and identifying the markets where they can differentiate. Understanding what customers think and plan to do as the NBN rolls out, is critical, and that’s why Newspoll will launch the NBN roll out monitor, a syndicated research, in 2013.

Source:   Newspoll Telephone Omnibus survey, conducted in June 2012 (June 8-10) , among a sample of 1208 persons aged 18+

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