Newspoll drives AAMI’s PR

by Lachlan Drummond


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Newspoll partners with AAMI to deliver PR with a punch

Some of Australia’s best-known businesses and PR firms maximise their media coverage by using Newspoll research to create more credible and effective press releases.

A case in point is the long standing relationship between Newspoll and AAMI. For many years the two have partnered to create effective PR, using Newspoll’s highly respected data that has helped to increase national media exposure for AAMI.


Newspoll data has helped drive significant media coverage for AAMI. For example: ‘Road Violence Surges’, The Age, March 20, 2013, ‘A survey of 600 Victorian drivers, commissioned by AAMI, found that more than half had been verbally abused or tailgated and two-thirds had been subjected to rude gestures’.

Another recent example comes from The Advertiser, July 29, 2013: ‘One in three motorists admit to texting while driving, survey finds. A survey of more than 600 South Australians conducted by Newspoll for AAMI revealed hundreds of drivers admit to texting and driving at the same time.’


Newspoll has also helped countless other businesses and PR firms generate media coverage from press releases. Since Newspoll data is respected by journalists and editors, it increases the likelihood that media coverage will be generated from PR, and it can be as easy as getting on board the Newspoll Omnibus.

The Newspoll Omnibus is a weekly, 1200-person snapshot of the Australian population. One or several questions can be included and Newspoll only charges per question. Smaller audiences of interest can also be targeted, such as those in a particular state or regional area or age group.

For as little as $1,150 (online), Newspoll will take a question to 1200 Australians and provide the results in a matter of days. A full demographic breakdown of the study including sex, age, marital status, occupation, work status, education level, children or no children, area (city/ state), household income and main grocery buyer is also provided.

Newspoll is one of the best known and most respected research brands in Australia. Maximise your media coverage. Use Newspoll research in your PR.

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