Level 5 Newspoll House
407 Elizabeth Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Telephone (02) 9921 1000
Facsimile (02) 9212 5880

Martin O’Shannessy 

Chief Executive Officer

John Davis 

Group Account Director
Head of Newspoll Market Research


Ryan Williams

Director, Client Relations

Frederic Anne 

Account Service Director
Head of Newspoll Syndicated Programs

Ann-Louise Brockelsby

Account Director

Peter Collingridge 

Senior Account Manager 

Sonya Puri 

Account Manager



Ashleigh Mruczkowski

Senior Account Service Analyst

Terry McLean

Financial Controller


Elizabeth Ratiner

Assistant Accountant

Chhay Den Wong

Field Manager


Benson Lapuz
Assistant Field Manager

Ian Miao
Field Supervisor

Jacqui Schick

Office Aministrator


Linda Thompson

Office Aministrator

Chong Ly Hoang

Special Projects Manager

Renee Steward

Data Analysis Manager

Justin Wong

Senior Data Analyst / IT Support


Adriana Castelblanco

Senior Data Analyst

Patricia McPhail

Quality & Privacy Manager    


Karen Wu
Data Analyst