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Corporate Affairs

Newspoll for Corporate Affairs Professionals

Deep experience supporting corporate affairs professionals

• Detect public opinion problems before they arise.

• Deal with crises when they occur.

• Test public attitudes in the context of public inquiries or legislative situations.

• Develop lobbying propositions based on public opinion.

• Develop publishable material to help a brand occupy a space and craft a credible identity such as indices of public sentiment, optimism or specific attitudes.

• Refine strategies and messages to give power to your persuasion.

• Gauge attitudes and inform public policy.


Why choose Newspoll for corporate affairs research?

• Our polling record and profile give Newspoll numbers immediate recognition and credibility.

• Our reputation with journalists and editors means you are more likely to get your work published if you need to.

• We are non-partisan and don’t provide campaign services, so audiences on both sides of politics respect our work.

• Track opinion as it changes over time with flexible, consistent tools and no lock-in contracts.

• Our track record with major issues and clients is your assurance.

• You deal directly with Martin O’Shannessy, Newspoll CEO who has a background in government affairs, lobbying, working as a political advisor, being president of his Industry body and his track record at Newspoll.


We believe we can add value for you. Call Newspoll and ask for Martin O’Shannessy directly.

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