Newspoll OmniTrak

Fast, flexible, reliable, cost effective window into your market

Features and benefits of tracking

Every week the Newspoll Omnibus surveys 1,200 Australian adults on a variety of topics for multiple clients on a pay-per-question basis. With a track record of proven accuracy in 59 consecutive election cycles since 1985, Newspoll Omnibus is one of the most well-known and respected surveys in Australia.

Newspoll OmniTrak uses this low cost, consistent methodology and weekly cycle to provide the perfect vehicle for many tracking purposes.

Benefits of using OmniTrak as an alternative paradigm to traditional large trackers include:

• Clients can include as little as one or two questions in any week without compromising data quality
• Questions can be asked of the total sample or filtered, and sample can be aggregated over multiple weeks if required to obtain a sufficient size
• Questions can be placed flexibly as required - simply confirm by 10am each Thursday and get the results the following Wednesday
• Repeated questions or ones using consistent formats can be compared across waves, even if separated by months or years
• Baseline, interim and post-intervention measures can be obtained at any time
• Discounted rates for regular placements