Benefits of using Newspoll omnibus for PR

Benefits of using Newspoll for PR


Survey information can provide valuable input into PR campaigns


Independent source of information

Real data to support ideas / theories

Generate considerable media interest at relatively low cost

Newspoll has extensive experience - we run more surveys for PR than any other research company in Australia

Newspoll brand has strong credibility, supported by our long running success in voting intention surveys


Newspoll Omnibus is perfect for PR


Tried & tested methodologies

Weekly phone omnibus for nationally representative samples

Fortnightly online omnibus for those looking for a budget option with added ability to show visuals

Larger and more statistically reliable samples than other credible suppliers

Comprehensive quota sampling

Sophisticated post-weighting to latest ABS estimates

Australia’s most frequent omnibus service - the whole project can be turned around in a few days

Set-up costs shared across clients, detailed demographic information included in the price