Online or Telephone Omnibus

Online or Telephone Omnibus: which one to choose?


Telephone is consistently the most accurate research method, but Online can be an alternative

We offer both telephone and online, so we can recommend the approach most suited to your objectives and budget.

The most accurate method for studying the broader population is telephone because it offers the greatest sample coverage of the general population. That’s why our highly visible political and public opinion polls continue to be conducted by phone. Our phone surveys involve a comprehensive quota system, equal numbers of male and female interviews, coverage of every part of Australia and a thorough call back system.

The internet continues to have a relatively low penetration among older Australians (45% among 65+ do not use at all). Those older Australians that do are the top end socio-economic and not so representative.

However, a key strength of online is the ability to use visual aids, such as advertising, packs and logos. It can often provide a cost saving when compared to a phone survey. If it’s appropriate to trade some certainty for budget, we can advise you.

You will get the survey method that’s best for you if you ask Newspoll.


Comparison between telephone and online adult omnibus









18+ /  N=1200

18-64 years / N=1200

Most representative sample


Value for money

Fast turnaround

3 working days

(pre-coded questions) 

 3 working days

(pre-coded questions)

Visual prompts

Ideal study types

• Market tracking
• Population incidence / market sizing
• Mainstream products / services
• Infrequent / non net users
• Opinion polls

• Ad and concept test
• Internet related topics
• Hi-tech products / services
• Net users