Our Solutions

Matching solutions to needs

Newspoll offers Commercial and Government Clients a range of service levels to suit their needs, their timings and their budgets.


From data gathering to strategic advice, the menu of Newspoll services

Research scoping and design

Questionnaire design and testing

Quantitative data collection

Phone and online omnibus surveys

Custom phone and online surveys

Data processing

Qualitative research

Visualised data analysis and outputs

Advanced analysis, interpretation and reporting

Strategy and implementation



We provide solutions at any level

We deliver an end-to-end research solution drawing on the full capacity of our extensive quantitative resources, our expert qualitative researchers and our highly experienced consultants.

However, if you prefer to use only the specific elements of our capabilities, we can do that too.

Because we have our own infrastructure for all stages, and because we design every project to individual specifications, we are able to provide a solution at any level to meet your needs. We deliver a coherent, fit-for-purpose solution to your problem.


What our clients use Newspoll for

Fast turnaround, low entry cost, highly dependable population measurement on our Omnibus

Complex survey designs that require Newspoll standards of dependability, such as large-scale measurement surveys

Continuous, regular and occasional trackers, usage & attitudes studies

Consultation and deliberation, stakeholder engagement, community measurement and behavioural change