While Newspoll is best known for our omnibus and polling research, we also offer expert Strategy Services.

Newspoll Strategy Services provides clients with high-level strategic advice underpinned by a full array of qualitative and quantitative techniques. Newspoll Strategy Services provides clients with an end-to-end market research solution leveraging our extensive quantitative resources and highly experienced qualitative researchers.


Driving the offer is:

Intellectual capability: High level strategic analysis and thinking, problem solving, advice and interpretation delivered by researchers with 10+ years business and research experience;

Customised solutions: Ability to provide a customised total research solution from design to delivery including qualitative, sophisticated quantitative approaches, analysis, reporting and follow up.

Multiple sectors: Expertise across multiple sectors including Government (Federal and State), telecommunications, finance, building industry, higher education, industrial and retail among others;

A full array of methods: Qualitative methods include group discussions, depth interviews, observational research, ethnography, behavioural economics as well as sophisticated quantitative methods including multivariate analyses;

A broad array of research topics: Segmentation, positioning, new product development, customer satisfaction, pricing, market entry and exit, communication and brand strategies among others.

Value: Drawing upon its significant internal resources and partnerships, Newspoll Strategy Services is able to provide its services at best rates.


Newspoll Strategy Services in Action (some examples)


Segmentation - High profile, global innovative science brand

Segment the cotton farming market in Australia and identify trends in insecticide usage to grow product penetration.

Face-to-face depth interviews with cotton growers, distributors and consultants to determine usage of and attitudes towards insecticide products as well as drivers and barriers to uptake. Led to new marketing approaches and segmentation.


Communication optimisation - Major Australian University

The university spent tens of thousands of dollars on printing brochures targeting prospective students but did not know whether these met prospective student needs nor their efficacy in driving enrolments.

Ten group discussions among prospective students, careers teachers and staff. Competitor publications were also analysed. The research made a series of recommendations regarding the look, feel, content, rationalisation and overall approach to the suite of publications.


Repositioning - Metropolitan Water Authority

How do you engage consumers with a low involvement product such as tap water in a hospitality setting and encourage greater awareness of product benefits?

Group discussions with consumers and depth interviews with hospitality business owners led to re-positioning of tap water drawing upon game-theory, ambient marketing and innovative communications and point-of-sale materials.



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