Syndicated Research

Benefits of Syndicated  Research:  More for less

In essence, syndicated research is a single research study whereby a number of companies or organisations - often from the same industry or sector - contribute ideas and money to the research.

Syndicated research is often subscribed by multiple clients who then share results. Similar to the Omnibus, the advantage of syndicated research is cost benefit, because the sampling and screening costs and most of the questions are shared across multiple clients. Another benefit is benchmarking.


Newspoll Syndicated Research Program

Not For Profit monitor

NFP is a very crowded market for donors with a high level of confusion over what charities actually do. It is crucial to their success to be trusted and to communicate effectively to both audiences (users and funders) the first step is to better understand their needs, preferences, attitudes and behaviours.


NBN roll out monitor (in 2013)

The future for telcos in the NBN world is going to be all about differentiation and identifying the markets where they can differentiate. Understanding what customers think and plan to do, as the NBN rolls out, is critical and telecommunication providers will need to track these metrics at the Fiber Serving Area level.